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The Ninja Reporter

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’d like to introduce you to the infamous Kathy H, aka The Ninja Reporter.  Ya see, Kathy H. (the delay/select vax-er/vaccine-injured by the MMR/owner of the Informed Parents of Vaccinated Children Facebook page) likes to play the “nice guy/victim” routine.  She claims innocence, spits fire, and then does this: reports any comment or picture having to do with her, and then hopes we don’t figure out who keeps reporting my posts.  Unfortunately for us, Facebook buys the class-act routine so we don’t hardly get a chance to point out the duplicity of Kathy H.’s verbal diarrhea before Facebook removes it. This post was removed in a little under an hour.

Dear Kathy H.,

I know you don’t want me to find out who’s been flagging all my posts but, Sweetie, it’s a little obvious when the only thing my flagged posts have in common is your cute little name somewhere in the subject of the material.  Even Zoey’s a bit more Ninja than that.

This one’s just for you.



Exclusive! The Photo They DO NOT Want You to See!

This is an example of the desperate lengths pro-vaxers have gone to in order to squelch the voices of people who have done nothing wrong, but have simply questioned the benefits of vaccination. Within minutes of posting this photo on Facebook, the pro-vaxers rallied and immediately had it taken down. It isn’t hard to see why they’d wanted to conceal it. The bully coercion tactics they used here are plainly evident.

The Patriot Nurse caused quite a stir when she boldly aired a youtube video in which she spoke out about the numerous risks associated with vaccines and vaccine ingredients.

This nurse was immediately attacked for her views by a vicious group of provaxers. The group went to great lengths not only to reveal her true identity, but even went so far as to contact her employer in an attempt to silence her by going after her job.

This group has demonstrated that it will stop at very little to accomplish its purposes, even if it means tracking down a nurse and threatening her employer. All done simply because this nurse bravely decided to encourage parents to make informed decisions and weigh out the risks and benefits of vaccination.

(**Note: In a hilarious twist of hypocrisy, Pro-vaxers belonging to the very same group in this post, are now trying to cry foul, alleging that vaccine critics have attempted to contact their family members and work contacts. Oddly enough, they have yet to substantiate these claims with even a hint of evidence! To date, they have produced none, nada. Anyone smell a desperate attempt to cover their butts?

This time from none other than Orac aka David Gorski himself. We’ve blogged about him here.

Dave recently took it upon himself to respond to our “The Vaccinology 10 Commandments” found here.

and managed to produce his own tawdry little version. Needless to say, PQ was beyond flattered by the gesture. I guess imitation really is the highest form of flattery! Thanks Dave. 😉

Check out Dave’s imitation here.

PQ Gets an Honorable Mention.

Thanks for the shout-out Allison, we knew you’d come around. 😉

A Little Spoof…

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A Little Spoof...

In honor of our poor, misguided friends: the pro-vaxers. 😉

We are pleased to offer you an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what pro-vaxers discuss in their private, “members only” group. *Hat tip* to an anonymous contributor for originally sending this in.

Within mere hours of posting this snippet on Facebook, it was promptly reported and removed. The comments were in response to a pro-vax nurse who just received the news her titres came back ok.

No wonder they were desperate to conceal the following admissions!



Shortly after the screenie emerged showcasing Alice’s violent fantasies toward vaccine critics, the picture was reported and Facebook promptly removed it. Alice then made this snide remark about the incident, claiming PQ had been doing some “housecleaning.”

PQ would like to thank Alice for her generous assistance with our housekeeping, but we are more than capable of flushing out a few sceptic tanks. 😉