Many of you are probably wondering just who Provax Quacks really is. It’s simple. PQ is you! Yes, we are ordinary citizens that enjoy sunsets and soul-searching walks on the beach. We also happen to share a very special common-interest. We happen to feel very passionately about a parent’s right to exercise informed choice in matters affecting the health and well-being of our children. Sounds good so far right?

We think so too, unfortunately there are a small, but vocal minority of persons who wish to stifle our right to question conventional medicine and the wisdom behind administering upwards of 51 doses of 17 vaccines to children all before the age of 6! Now, I don’t know about you or your children, but the odds my child will develop an injected drug habit and contract Hep B are pretty slim, though theoretically the risk *is* there. The point is, as parents *we* are responsible for weighing out these risks when we make the decision about whether or not to vaccinate.

The persons wishing to squelch these basic rights are active members of the provax community. They come fully equipped with an arsenal of tools which they use against parents to threaten, bully, harass, shame and guilt into consenting to vaccination. They take no prisoners and their goals are simple: obfuscate the facts and eradicate any dissenters.

It is for that reason Provax Quacks has created a website injected (pun intended) with it’s own particular brand of social satire -where we find the irony and humour in what is all too often a very heated topic. Our goal is simple: to showcase the blatant hypocrisy and fraud the provax movement is built upon, and to highlight the appalling manner in which provaxers conduct themselves.


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