Exclusive! The Photo They DO NOT Want You to See!

This is an example of the desperate lengths pro-vaxers have gone to in order to squelch the voices of people who have done nothing wrong, but have simply questioned the benefits of vaccination. Within minutes of posting this photo on Facebook, the pro-vaxers rallied and immediately had it taken down. It isn’t hard to see why they’d wanted to conceal it. The bully coercion tactics they used here are plainly evident.

The Patriot Nurse caused quite a stir when she boldly aired a youtube video in which she spoke out about the numerous risks associated with vaccines and vaccine ingredients.

This nurse was immediately attacked for her views by a vicious group of provaxers. The group went to great lengths not only to reveal her true identity, but even went so far as to contact her employer in an attempt to silence her by going after her job.

This group has demonstrated that it will stop at very little to accomplish its purposes, even if it means tracking down a nurse and threatening her employer. All done simply because this nurse bravely decided to encourage parents to make informed decisions and weigh out the risks and benefits of vaccination.

(**Note: In a hilarious twist of hypocrisy, Pro-vaxers belonging to the very same group in this post, are now trying to cry foul, alleging that vaccine critics have attempted to contact their family members and work contacts. Oddly enough, they have yet to substantiate these claims with even a hint of evidence! To date, they have produced none, nada. Anyone smell a desperate attempt to cover their butts?


PQ Gets an Honorable Mention.

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A Little Spoof…

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A Little Spoof...

In honor of our poor, misguided friends: the pro-vaxers. 😉

Pro-vax Quacks are Lemmings at Heart.

By Request of a PQ Fan, We Are Happy to Showcase...

Nancy Snyderman: Goddess of pro-vax quackery, often found in bed with Paul Offit.

Enjoy 😉

Vaccines are Safe Folks, Just ask These Pro-vaxers!

But it still might be a good idea to hold off on the gardasil, y’know… Just in case… 😉

For the record Melissa, PQ feels the SAME way. Perhaps we can all get together for a cuppa sometime. No? LOL