PQ Presents: The Father of Vaccine Quackery.

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized


Since this page is devoted to exposing all forms of quackery that encompass the provax religion, I thought it might be fun to feature the original, true quack credited with founding the practice of vaccination! (Though this too is a false misconception. Vaccination or variolation was around long before Jenner adopted the practice.)

Fun facts:

-Jenners experiments were largely based upon superstition and anecdotal evidence.

-Jenner was notorious for performing highly unethical and dangerous experiments on young children including his own son.

-Jenner experimented on his son for many years afterwards, subjecting him to various innoculations. Jenner then performed challenge tests, deliberately exposing his son to deadly diseases.

-In the years following these experiments, Jenners son “became a sickly child and exhibited signs of mild mental retardation.” Sadly his son died at the young age of 21 from tuberculosis.

-Jenner refused to vaccinate his second child.

**Note** PQ encourages its readers to investigate vaccines and their history for themselves. These are easily verified facts folks!


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